About Me


Hi, I am Kyri Lea, a 5th year BS/MS Computing Security student at Rochester Institute of Technology. I enjoy participating in Red vs Blue and Pentesting competitions, like ISTS and CPTC. My primary interests are Active Directory penetration testing, data privacy, and all things Linux.

I have six summers of experience working in the cybersecurity field. I spent four summers at Digi-Key Electronics working with the security team on data privacy, application security, logging and monitoring systems, and identity and access management. Most recently, I interned on IBM's X-Force Red and researched security vulnerabilities associated with smart gym equipment. I am currently working for X-Force Red as a co-op penetration tester.


I am a member of RITSEC - the cybersecurity club at RIT, the Linux Users Group (RITlug), and the RIT Gymnastics Club. I held the position of treasurer for RITlug for the 2022-2024 school years and was the secretary for Gymnastics Club 2022-2024. In my free time, I like to go bouldering, do gymnastics, and go shopping.